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[Meet the Author] Jamaican Illustration Student Takes Innovative Approach to Publishing: Interview with Peta-Ann Smit

Jamaican illustration student Peta-Ann Smith talks to Summer Edward about her prospective children's book, Charlene's Quest (working title) and her unique crowd-sourcing approach to funding her children's book project.

Peta-Ann Smith is a Jamaican illustration student, currently in her final year at Edna Manley College School of Visual Arts. She is the founder of theillustration studio, Langi Lala Studios. She is currently running an online fundraising campaign to cover the costs of producing her children's book. 

With just 20 days of the campaign left, Smith spoke to Summer Edward about her vision for her book and her innovative project.

Summer Edward:So tell us a little about yourself. What makes Peta-Ann Smith interesting?

Peta-Ann Smith: Since early childhood, I've loved reading, drawing, and Saturday morning cartoons, and I've always been creative in some way or form throughout the years. Langi Lala Studios, my illustration studio, was christened during a lu…

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