Dancing with the Moon

by Tom Deiker

My friend the moon stops by at night,
She waits for me outside
And should a lonely cloud drop in
We play at peek-a-boo.

I love to dance around the yard,
My friend the moon does too
And when I run from house to tree
She always follows me.

I can even make her hide
Back behind our fence,
Or plop her right on top a tree
Just like a Christmas star.

For fun I sometimes set my moon
Up on our chimney top,
But when I give a great big wink
She always jumps right off.

No one else can make her dance,
Not even Mommy can;
Every time that Mommy tries
My moon just sits and grins.

Do you think that you can do it?
Well, go ahead and try!


About the author...

Tom Deiker graduated from Louisiana State University with a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. His articles, essays, short fiction and poetry have appeared in several dozen publications. Of his 85 plays, 35 have received 61 stagings by theatres in the United States. He has traveled to most of the Caribbean islands and read much of Caribbean history and literature. He has incorporated Trinidad English patois and folklore into his plays and screenplays.


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