David Pogue, You Better be Right

I have had half a Treo 650 for the past 9 months or so. The keyboard got marinated in a skim latte with sugar. Don't ask; I covered this before. So, I have been stuck mostly with Graffiti to enter text. It has been a major pain. But, I have been unable to purchase a replacement. I did not want to waste $150 to cancel my Sprint contract. But, I could get a new 650 for more than $150 less as a new customer at another carrier. Then, I thought, maybe a Blackberry. They are generally cheaper but I don't like the form factor on some and I really like my Treo. The Motorola Q got my attention for a while, then I played with some phones using Windows Mobile 5.0 and decided I like the Palm OS better.

Finally, Sprint came out with the 700p. The price was enough to give me pause.

Then, I watched David Pogue's video review of the 700p. I like Mr. Pogue. In fact, he is my hero. With the possible exception of CIT Judge, I can't imagine a job more fun than his. My side gig as tech columnist for the Chicago Bar Association's magazine, The Record, is fun. But, it is not the New York Times. I don't have every major and minor tech company begging me to review their latest gizmo. Rather, I beg them to loan me stuff for review. I also don't get to go to trade shows (other than the ABA's Tech Show). I don't work from home. When Jim Coates retires from the Tribune, I am hoping for a call. But, I am not holding my breath.

So, David Pogue. I listened to you and I put my trust in you. I went out and renewed my Sprint contract for two years to get a very small break on a very expensive phone. Tomorrow, I will synch it up with my office computer and, hopefully, be as bowled over as you were.

Sprint, I have a question for you. Why is it that you treat me, a long-term customer in mid-contract, like a pariah? Why do I get the worst possible deal on a new phone? A person walking in off the street would have paid $150 less than me for the same phone. Is there a class action lawyer out there looking into price discrimination in the mobile phone industry? I had a couple crazy options to buy the phone cheaper including creating a new line (which meant giving up my phone number for at least 30 days) or canceling and coming back without a contract (which would net out at no savings). In the end, I felt trapped by my contract with Sprint. I told them so on the phone and in person. No one would budge. I threatened to cancel and get a 700w from Verizon. No one cared. In the end, I did exactly what they knew I would do--I renewed my crazy contract because I need a phone and want this one.

I may be a sap regarding my contract. If so, I have no one to blame but myself. But if this phone is less than perfect, I have David Pogue to blame. You hear me, Mr. Pogue?


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